Jesus on the Steps of the Church

Remember the story of Jesus when he washed the dirty feet of his friends? This past week a friend of mine from California sent me a message where that story was retold and its implications unraveled. I read it and promptly ignored the meaning of it for myself. Here's the story...
Today as I was walking out of a church where we just finished another rehearsal for the new CD a man walked in to the church. He seemed a bit disoriented. He sat down and said he was waiting for the Pastor of the church to come because the Pastor had promised him a sandwich. SO , he was hungry too. As I looked at him more closely I'd say he might have been homeless. I explained to him that I needed to lock up the building and that he would have to wait outside on the church steps. He kindly obliged and sat on the steps outside. It started to rain. I locked up and said goodbye to the man and got in the car and drove off, trying not to look at the man sitting on the church steps waiting in the rain for a sandwich. I was in a hurry.
Only later did I realize what had just happened. I hope next time Jesus shows up and asks for a sandwich I will say yes. Washing feet is what Jesus calls us to do. It takes many forms...

In the name of the Man on the Steps of the Church,

Stefan Andre

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