LAMENT FOR THE WORLD. There are times when we need to weep and wail, to storm and rage and to do so in a community of mutual trust. It does us good. Here is a communal lament for the suffering of this world. Listen closely ( headphones best) at the beginning for actual reports of violence around the globe. We begin with the Irish vocable 'Ochone' and move to cry out 'Kyrie, Christe.'




THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO. Last night I shared some music in a gathering that I hadn't been with in about a year. A lovely community mostly of Indian descent. Before we sang, a mom with her little boy came up to me. She said: "My son has been singing your song all the time this past year. He loves the Jaya, Jaya song!" His name is Krish, short for Krishna. I wish you could have seen the delight in the eyes of little Krishna when we stared to sing his favorite song. And so, this is why I do what I do. It's all about making the voyage, crossing bridges, and finding delight in the making of new friends on the other side.


"RUN, JESUS, RUN... HIDE, JESUS, HIDE." A Reflection on Christianity and Politics

"RUN, JESUS, RUN...HIDE, JESUS, HIDE." This was the advice given Jesus back in the day when it became clear that his words and actions were a threat to the political, economic and religious establishment of the time. 'Don't get involved in politics', they said. " Just go along with things the way they are". " Don't say or do anything that would challenge the 1%". " We have a lovely liturgy and such beautiful music." In the end the Wall Street of the day -the powers that be- did destroy him but not before he began a movement that would from time to time break out in history to challenge any and all political, religious or economic systems that failed to be compassionate to the most vulnerable. So, the question is: where are we in all this today? Are we running and hiding from the social realities of our time? Or are we entering in specific ways and in deeper and deeper ways, the ongoing struggle for a more just society and a more compassionate community?