Flight into Egypt Then and Now

This morning as I listened to news from around the world I heard of the thousands of people from Gaza who are " flooding across the border into Egypt". It is clear that these people are not just " flooding" but that they are also fleeing. Their flight is from a situation of suffering and violence - a closing of borders by the Israeli government and military that makes life in Gaza a degrading scramble for food, water, fuel, and other basic resources. The Palestinians in Gaza fear for their lives and the lives of their children as their imposed poverty increases day by day.
In this very complicated situation which defies easy solutions it may be helpful to remember that there was another time not too very long ago when a group of people from this region ( albeit much smaller) fled from a situation of violence and suffering and threats from the government and " flooded" across the border into Egypt. Their names- Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. At that time an angel warned Joseph in a dream to cross the border into Egypt to save the life of one small child - Jesus. Perhaps that same angel is guiding people today as they follow in Mary and Joseph's footsteps and like them they will save the life of one, two, or maybe two thousand children.

Stefan Andre

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