Voices of the Angels...

Walking into San Juan Bautista Mission Church here in California is walking into the rich layers of our American histories. The sights , the structures, the textures all speak of centuries of prayer, of relationship ... in diversity, in struggle , in beauty, and in peace. In the silence you can hear so much that has been and still is. As I stood and listened, along with about thirty or so other people, out of the silence came a sound, a voice. In melodies and syllables that were new to us all this voice poured blessing after blessing. Truly it was a voice that filled the space and all who were present... a voice that came from centuries before and somehow at the same time deeply present. All of us listened. Many of those who were standing sat down or knelt in response to this voice. Many closed their eyes so as to listen and receive this voice more deeply. This was no imaginary voice. This voice came from a woman standing in the church with eyes closed in prayer. Her name is Shannon White Eagle. She is the voice on many a CD from a new organization called Voices of the Angels based here in California. At that moment, which seemed to be timeless , she was also our deepest voice.

In Peace,
Stefan Andre

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