On the Road Again...

Tomorrow I leave for Washington, D.C.. It will be the beginning of two months of travel in the United States. from east coast to west coast The traveling is for the purpose of sharing new music - written in Ireland and recently recorded in Memphis, TN - and encouraging others in our common search for peace and justice. It begins with a three day Retreat of Song and Silence just outside of D.C. in a beautiful place called Dayspring Silent Retreat Center. Silence and song...the inner journey - a very good way to begin. While in D.C. the following week I'll be visiting with friends in the peace movement. Some of these friends have for many years been speaking out for peace and for justice in our country and aboard. Their lives are an inspiration to me. One woman in particular I would like to introduce . She is 76 years of age and a retired school teacher. Her name is Eve. For the past 5 years she has been an outspoken advocate for peace and against the war in Iraq. A highly intelligent and passionate person Eve has been interviewed on public radio about her recent court appearances and the many times she has been arrested for civil disobedience in her protesting of our government's policies which Eve believes are responsible for thousands of American soldier's deaths , thousands of soldiers mental and physical suffering, and untold hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths and injuries, not to mention the destruction of the Iraqi society's infra-structure. How long we will allow this to continue? This is Eve's question. How can we help move this country from an imperialist war making nation to a country that participates in global peace-making and the rebuilding of both the Iraqi infra-structure and our own as well. As billions of dollars are being poured into the war-making machine our basic human needs in this country are being neglected . It is no secret that our own health care system, our educational system, even our roads and bridges are in need of urgent support. With the very price of food in this country rising beyond the means of many , many are forced to consider Eve's question: " How long?"
By the way, speaking of women and peace...did you know that Saturday May 24 is the International Women's Day for Disarmament? Starting in 1982 this day serves to remind us of the great contribution that women have made and continue to make towards world peace. For those of you in Ireland the conference on banning cluster munitions is going on right now in Dublin, Ireland.
On the road this summer I look forward to learning new ways of peace and in the songs I share being a voice for creating a future of justice and peace.
On his death bed St. Francis, in referring to his own life of working for peace in the world, said, " I have done what was given me to do. What has been given to you?"

On the Road to Peace,
Stefan Andre

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