Remembering Who We Are on Memorial Day...

Monday , May 26 Memorial Day in Washington , D.C.

Today is a Day of Remembering. We remember all those who have suffered and died in the many wars of our common history. We pray for the families and friends of those who continue to suffer because of the present day wars around the world. We also remember what gives meaning to the lives we live. And finally we remember what causes war and what we might do to make war no more.

For the past three days a gathering of people have sung together, spent lots of time in silence, and walked in the beautiful woods and meadows of Dayspring Silent Retreat Center just outside of Washington, D.C.. So Good!
In the process we reminded ourselves of something very important - who we are. In the silence and in the singing, in the walking, sitting, and even in the sleeping we remembered that we are beloved children of God. All of us...everyone. Fraternitas. Such a simple thing to recall and such a totally life changing reality when we allow it sink in to our consciousness. When we remember who we are there is no need for violence. If we are indeed brothers and sisters beloved by God why would we harm one another? No need for envy, greed, or fear. No need for war. In the shared silence and in the singing we lay down the weapons of our heart. We disarm . We enter the realm of peace - the very Reign of God.
Let me encourage you , dear reader, to recall your true identity and to live it out. Indeed we are all called the Beloved of God upon whom the Spirit of Peace descends and dwells . Through each of us the Holy Spirit moves and draws us into actions of peace-making and justice, everyday. In and through us the risen Jesus lives again. As we live out our true identity we feel the very pleasure of God.
" You are my Beloved. And I delight in you."

Stefan Andre

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