In California...

Greetings and Peace from sunny California! For the past several weeks I have enjoyed the hospitality of friends old and new as I have visited churches in the Bay area sharing new music for peace. It is delightful to be on the road and meeting so many people who are committed to peace-making in so many different ways. There is a church in San Francisco called St. Boniface. It is located in a part of the city called the "tenderloin". The tenderloin is a beautiful part of San Francisco life where the poor, the hungry, the homeless, both pimps and prostitutes seek to live. Every day two things happen at St. Boniface. First the doors open in the morning to welcome homeless people or just plain tired people into the church so they can sleep on the pews or floor. Many homeless people are afraid to sleep on the streets at night so they stay awake. The other thing that happens is in the building next store to the church called St. Anthony's Foundation. An amazing gift of compassion! Every day a staff of more than one hundred provides a delicious meal for more than 2,000 hungry people. It is one of the most thoughtful, respectful and delightful places I have ever been.
Here in the tenderloin there is always "room in the inn". so, it is easy to " be of good cheer".

Stefan Andre

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