Farewell to Ireland with Love

Here's a wee poem that I wrote which expresses my own feeling about that magical place called Ireland. While I lived there especially in the place called Glendalough I would walk the hills and everywhere I went I could hear the sound of water flowing . This music filled me beyond any words and brought to the surface a depth of feeling that still sings.


Ireland... this land that sings
in secret, dark, and luscious things.

Ah, this lovely land that streams her scented song
in flowing verse and phrases long.

O'er blue green hills and golden gorse
cross mossied rock and nettles coarse.

Oh, breath! I feel your rising roar
til op'ning earth can bear no more
she cries, she cries
and joyful pours
from glist'ning eyes
to list'ning ears...
her ancient Celtic tears.

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Charles Hulin said...

Hello Stefan and Other Readers,

I've been reading your blog today and wanting to let you know that I am reading and appreciating your voice on this site.

Your "Ireland" is a moving poem.
Water has been on my mind as Kathy and I have just returned from a visit to the ocean. On the way there, we listened to Tan Dun's Water Passion, which is based on Matthew. I've owned the CD for some time but hadn't really listened in much depth before. He uses water as a symbol of God's presence and the evaporation of water as a symbol of resurrection. There's even a cadenza for water in this work.

I've also been considering the story you shared two entries back. One of the things I've seen and am trying to do is to welcome those people into my life who cross boundaries to ask me for help. I need to welcome them as friends,as other children of God, just as you describe. We don't need to remain helper and helpee. It sometimes seems hard to figure out how to make room for these friends in one's life, but I think it's really the right thing to do. And, just as I've heard from many sources, in building such friendships, I end up meeting Christ. I end up being the helpee as much as the helper.

Blessings and looking foward to Lasker!