Little Lasker Has Large Meaning...

I would like to share with you a little known but powerful festival that brings together musicians and people from rural North Carolina in a celebration of faith and art called the Lasker Summer Music Festival. I had the privilege of being composer in residence for this festival last weekend . It is the stated purpose of Lasker to reflect on the issues of faith and art and to do so by presenting outstanding sessions of music making of various styles, and formal and informal conversations . This happens every year and is a great joy to the people of Lasker, Murphreesboro , Ahoskie, and the surrounding area. Lasker is a little gem that shines in musical excellence and spiritual integrity. The directors of the festival , Charles and Kathy Hulin, superb musicians themselves, have for the past 11 years built up a growing and enthusiastic following . Rooted in the local life of people there , in friendships, and involving faculty from Chowan University, the Lasker Summer Music Festival promises to delight people for many years to come. Here you will find the freedom and joy of great music making, the challenge and comfort of a searching Christian faith, and the genuine hospitality of friends and family. So, to Lasker and all involved I say - " BRAVO!"

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MarkLackey said...

Hello, Stefan Andre Waligur,

Isn't Lasker wonderful? I was there in 2004 and 2007.

Charles and Kathy and the community are doing an amazing good work there, fostering symbiotic exchange between artists who may need to be more grounded, and a close community that welcomes the increased access to the arts. I think everyone who is touched by it finds deeper integration.

Thanks for giving LSMF a little more visibility.