A Sudden Scream in a Public Place

Sitting in a cafe today enjoying my lunch when a sudden scream is heard. I look around and there in the corner is a young girl about 13 years of age sitting in a wheelchair, her body twisted and her head looking down and to the side. Her parents feeding her and not saying a word. Then suddenly another scream, and another. More will follow that. I sit back realizing that for this girl there are probably many screams in the course of her day. But each time she screams something in me responds. The waves of painful emotion seem to wash up against my body each time like a relentless tide. I begin to pray...for her, for me, for all of us in that cafe. Somehow , I pray, may we all feel something. May we embrace this young girl, her suffering, her parent's suffering, our own suffering, in some secret loving way . And if possible, may we communicate to her our gratitude and respect. For this person and her parents are people of courage. Perhaps, in some sense, her screaming is a reminder . It may be that our silence in the midst of all the insanity and needless suffering in this world is indeed the stranger response. God give me the courage to scream, to cry out in a public place when everything in me says -" Enough !"

Br. Stefan


Mary Margaret Cannon said...

Your beautiful reflection takes my breath away -- thank you and may God bless you!

Venu Shekar said...

I have been in similar situation..I was on my way back home from work, was sitting in a bus on widow side. The bus passed a junction and i saw this old man sitting on the roadside screaming in pain. He had met with an accident then..I can see the broken bone from his left leg protruding out.. I just couldnt bear inside, i felt so much pain inside and started to cry. The worst thing is no was worried about him at that point..dont know what happened when i passed the road, and i couldnr do anything about it. I wanted to but i couldnt. I camr home and couldnt stop thinking about the situation he was in. I still to this day think about it..i should have done something..

lancaihe said...

Hi Steve, of course if you ever get the courage to scream in a restaurant, make sure I'm not there with you. ;-)