Did You Notice in World War Z the Wall and the Zombies?

Last Week I went to a movie called World War Z. I knew it was not going to be a great film. Sometimes you just know these things. And indeed the acting was poor and the story was predictable. All except for one detail-the wall. In the story there are mass numbers of people that have become zombies. At the point of zombiehood they cease to be people. How to deal with these non-people? Hope is provided initially by one country with a solution that seems to work , at least for a while. That country is Israel and the solution is the wall. Construction of a massive wall keeps the zombies . The world takes notice and offers praise to the Israelies for a brilliant solution. Hmm... Is there a message here that goes beyond the superficial story of zombies and pure fiction? Is there also a political jab being taken here against real life Palestinians as well who are in reality kept out of Israel by a very real wall today? There is nothing made without a bias. That much is clear. Perhaps the bias here is too clear and very dangerous when we realize that the Palestinian people today have suffered disproportionately from Israeli policies that include a freshly finished wall of separation. I would like to know if others have seen this while watching the movie.

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Unknown said...

Yes, I noticed the same, Stefan. Having recently been to Palestine/Israel and particularly to the wall I had my own tongue-in-cheek feeling when I saw that part of the movie.

Of course, the wall that Israel puts of all over that parcel of earth creates tremendous barriers with regards to Palestinian families being able to work their own land, to visit family members, to get to hospitals, etc. Americans would NEVER put up with that if they had to live it as a Palestinian.
Of course, many American Jews live there and have VERY different experiences.