Why am I a follower of Jesus? The short answer is because I don't believe that Jesus came to start a new religion but rather, to start a fire under every religion - the fire of love. I believe that what Jesus set in motion is the deconstruction of every known religion and simultaneously the reconstruction of every known religion. And it doesn't stop at religion. That deconstruction/reconstruction affects any and every system whether it be  philosophical, psychological or political which at its heart uses force and violence to ultimately get its way while seeking to exclude any human being from an ever expanding ecumenical embrace. And it goes even further...Jesus' path of radical love and non-violence goes right to the heart and mind, body and soul of every individual lighting the fire of transformation under our assumptions, our beliefs, our greed, our fears, and our hatreds. There is no fortress , be it social or individual, in society or in the psyche, that is safe from the flames of this all transforming fire of love.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, Stefan

Unknown said...

Thank you, Stefan. This is an important message. It is one thing to have a belief in love and quite another to actually live it in the world. Your words give me hope of the manifestation.
It is important for me to say, "I try to do my part to enact this vision."

Teacher Preacher said...

That fire is bright in you.