Dog Whisperer ...Whispers of Peace

There is a TV show I would like to applaud. It's called the Dog Whisperer and stars Caesar Milan. Milan is a skilled dog trainer and more... He teaches dogs how to be dogs and people-how to be people. His approach to life is a delicious combination of common sense , pack psychology, and a little Zen philosophy. And it works wonders on both canines and humans! In minutes people and dogs shift their mind set and their behavior resulting in a much happier and relaxed way of being. Amazing!
What can we learn from this about our society and our urgent need to " learn the ways of peace'? Just tonight I was asked to visit a church to speak with the choir about how to encourage congregations to sing. I mentioned the Dog Whisperer to them and before long we were discussing the parallels between Milan's work and that of a choir working with a congregation. There are common principles which underlie both. How to encourage a congregation to sing ? What do they need? How can we effectively lead a congregation in singing? How to give a congregation what they need so that they might enjoy singing in church?
In our search for peace perhaps we can learn something from the animal kingdom and those who are especially sensitive to the ways of the beast.

Stefan Andre

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Anonymous said...

Stefan- we found you! Thought you might want to know that you gave us the wrong web address in case you may have done the same for others. I believe you told us speakingofpeace.net, but we found you at speakingofpeace.blogspot.com

We'll be reading. Thanks for all you do!

Curt & Keely