A Very Modest Proposal...

Listening to the President deliver the State of the Union address last week I was moved. I felt inspired to suggest, in the tradition of Jonathan Swift a very modest proposal. Keeping in mind that we are about to enter the sacred time of Lent - traditionally a time of fasting and letting go, I would like to suggest a few things that might help our President . Because President Bush is so committed to freedom I would like to propose that in the spirit of freedom and free-choice he ask the American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan if they would like to come home . Now, since the President has made it clear that freedom requires their long-term presence this modest proposal would allow for troop return only during Lent. Think of it as a time of military letting go and fasting from violence and bloodshed. Truly, a very modest proposal. And to fill in the gap I propose that all the members of the current administration who believe deeply in this war and who voted to continue this war freely volunteer to replace the troops who decide to return home during Lent. Voila! I have no doubt that President Bush would be the first to sign up and go to the front lines! Further, this would be a great opportunity for all the presidential candidates , members of Congress, and all who also want to support the war to demonstrate their patriotism by following Mr. Bush into battle.
The more I think about this the more appeal this proposal has. If the Republican party wants to secure their hold on the Roman Catholic vote and for that matter all religious groups that take lent seriously, here is the chance. In one simple act of personal courage and conviction the current administration would observe Lent, bring families together, restore participatory democracy, and stand up for the cause of freedom in the world. Does it get any better?

In the Spirit of Jonathan Swift,
Your smiling friend,
Stefan Andre

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Patti Gibbons said...

Stephan; thank you for your kind comment on my blog Eat Man Drink Water about the artistic process.

This entry is fabulous. My daughter served in Iraq, came home at the age of 21 pregnant (oh that is a story--but I so love the gift of my little granddaughter) and has been sick and is now disabled for life. She also has a very rare form of cancer. Her mental state has been forever altered by what she has witnessed and had to do. She went in because she believed she would do good things and come out with structure in her life (she was out of control) and an education. Instead she wakes up to pain and struggle. But she lives each day to its fullest, or tries. She just turned 24 and lives in Clarksville, TN, a long way from New York state.

I am heading over to your website to listen to your music. I like your writing and thoughts.