In the Path of a Destroying Wind...

Last night millions of people throughout the southern United States faced what could only be described as a living nightmare of nature - a fierce, and deadly series of tornados moving at rapid speeds threatening everything and everyone in their path. When it was over at least 50 people were dead, many more were injured, and untold numbers of homes, and buildings were damaged or destroyed. Last night we were - all of us - together - caught in a common life threatening peril. At any moment one of several death-dealing winds could, and in many cases did, bring an abrupt end to our life on earth. In that moment, fear was our common bond and hope was the thread that held us together.
As I looked out the window and saw the ominous clouds and shifting sky I offered a simple song playing on a keyboard and praying... feeling fear...feeling hope... realizing one more time the illusion of control...and singing a prayer of trust- whatever happens.

To those families and friends whose loved ones died or were injuried we offer our heartfelt love and sincere prayers.
For those of us who live to tell about it perhaps we can remember what it was like to be... in that moment ...together.

Your little brother,
Stefan Andre

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