Deep Shift - From Civilization to Humanity...

Think about it...Jesus did not call himself the Civilized One. He referred to himself again and again( as if we were not really listening) as the Human One. The " Son of Man" had many connotations not the least of which was - the one who is deeply and essentially human - the model human being. As I receive the news about more and more violence in America and around the world I can't help but wonder. Is this civilization we have created? Listen to this: " U.S. Hispanics under attack Amid Immigration Crackdown"; "Clinton Obama Rachet Up Attacks on One Another"; Clinton Obama Closed Debates Spark Texan's Anger"; Israel Braces for Hezbollah Revenge Attacks"; " Five Students Killed in North Illinois University Attack". This was just a slice of the media pie offered up for us today. There is an author, Derrick Jenson, who writes in his book entitled " Endgame; the Problem of Civilization" , that civilization as we call it needs to be dismantled because it is in reality a social construct rooted in the horrible violence we claim to abhor. Check it out... We seem to have created a so called civilization in which everything from our language , our politics, our social and religious structures ( consider the origins of the religious term - diocese. It reflects the language of Imperial Rome), right on down to the toys that our children play with , is infused with the " attack" mentality.
Perhaps our grief over this , and our collective awareness of the reality beneath the reality, will lead us forward to a deep and compassionate listening to one another. Isn't that a key question in all of this? " How do we respond when violence is committed toward us?" Do we attack in return? Do we flee out of fear? How can we respond like the " Human One"? How can we make the deep shift from " Civilization" to truer Humanity?

Seeking Peace,
Stefan Andre

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