BEING WITH WHAT IS AND BECOMING WHAT IS YET TO BE: When we sit in silent meditation we are being with what is.Thoughts. feelings and sensations come and go. We are not trying to change anything or anyone.We are seeing things more and more as they are and not as we wish them to be. And yet, in the simplicity of this moment something IS happening in us and to us and through us. We enter into a deeper acceptance, a non-judgmental spirit, a loving embrace of things as they are, including ourselves and others. That is a powerful moment. Perhaps a difficult moment and even a dangerous moment. For in this moment we ARE being transformed and are being given what is needed to become bearers of peace and transformation in this world. Through our practice, I believe that endless gifts of the heart are given and the infinite goodness of the heart.deepens with each breath. Love is unfolding. By learning to be with what is we practice the true nature of Love. By being with things as they are we are transformed, more and more, into Lovers of what is and loving Creators of what Love desires to unfold in this world.
Blessings on your meditation.

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