IT'S ABOUT SHOWING-UP. Welcome to day 6 of the Worldwide 30 Meditation for World Peace on Facebook.. Anyone who practices anything regularly knows that it's about showing-up. Sometimes we don't feel like it. We'd rather stay in bed or get busy doing something else. Sometimes we wonder if the practice is doing any good at all. I remember Br. Roger of the Taize Community in France. For more than 60 years, he and his community, showed up everyday, three times a day to sit and meditate, sing and pray. I remember him saying that there were many times when he did not feel like being there. He spoke of his commitment to simply be there and show-up. When we show-up in our meditative practice we attest to a reality larger than our own feelings. We offer ourselves to ourselves, to the world and to Divine Mystery. This past weekend one of the retreatants spoke of " revealing ourselves to ourselves." I like that. I believe that this revelation happens as we practice. Sometimes in spite of our feelings we are there. And sometimes it's a struggle. Frodo Baggins near the end of his journey said, " I can't do this, Sam." Sam's encouraging response might be directed to us ," There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it's worth fighting for." The myriad of beings from east and west throughout history attest to the goodness, the beauty and the power of a practice of meditation. When we meditate, we join with them and all to come in a timeless transformative moment. And all we need do is show-up...

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